Rig/Sail Vision

Track sail and rig position to increase performance

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The Hardware

What components make up the sail and rig vision system

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Jordi Calafat - sailor, strategist and designer for Telefonica and Alinghi
"VSPARS is the most simple and fastest sail scanning software I have ever used."

Burns Fallow - North Sails Head Designer and Director
"VSPARS is an extremely useful tool when testing in the Wind tunnel. It allows us to quickly and intuitively compare sail trims from earlier tests, which has improved the quality of our testing markedly. The real time output of Camber and Twist help with our overall calibrations against CFD runs."

Iain Percy - Mutiple Olympic Gold Medalist and Americas Cup sailor
"VSPARS autofind allows a large number of images to be scanned giving a comprehensive database captured over a days sailing. This results in a level of fidelity of sailshape data that has never been seen before, allowing detailed analysis of sail shape variations with boat and weather data."

Juan Garay - internationally respected sail designer across multiple keelboat and dinghy classes
"VSPARS allows us to capture flying shapes for all sails quickly and efficiently (including MH0s / flying spinnakers) and then directly import them into our CFD software which is revolutionising our design process"

Mickey Ickert - respected worldwide as one of the most innovative Americas Cup sail designers
"VSPARS is a good check of not only the static shape but the dynamic behaviour which is important with a new structure."

A Revolutionary Sail and Rig Vision System

VSPARS is a revolutionary deck-mounted sail vision and rig vision system that tracks and calculates the sail shape and position in real time. The rig bend and sag are also found. The rig vision and sail vision software runs on a conventional laptop connected to the bespoke VSPARS rig vision and sail vision hardware pack and outputs full details about each sail stripe and the rig deflection to an on-deck display, allowing trimmers to replicate previous targets.

With the ability to combine the sail vision and rig vision aspects giving the fully validated shape and location of everything above deck and an all-up weight of less than 2kg..... can you afford to be without it?

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VSPARS Congratulates Groupama on Winning the Volvo Ocean Race!!!

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