VSPARS 3D: Sails and rig - global results

At any one time, VSPARS can capture both Mainsail and Foresails giving real time results and saving 3D coordinates and draught shapes. By combining VSPARS results entire sailing setups can be grouped and viewed using the VSPARS interactive 3D plotting tool. This tool also allows previously captured shapes to be shown for comparison (in grey).

VSPARS Rig Vision

VSPARS also interfaces with boat data so that all sail and rig results can be saved to a database linked to boat speed, TWS, heel angle and other relevant variables. These results can then be compared and sorted using VSPARS result filtering allowing comparisons to be viewed for relevant conditions and trims.

With the click of a button this full 3D geometry can be output, with all coordinates referenced to a user defined datum point, so the exact position and shape of all your sails can be modelled in CFD or other CAD programs.

VSPARS Sail Vision
VSPARS Rig Vision

Each VSPARS mainsail camera uses a standard lens to track mainsail stripes.

The single VSPARS foredeck camera used for headsails has a super wide angle allowing sails with extremely long tack lengths to be captured on either tack.

See how VSPARS rig vision and sail vision captures the rig or sail shape independantly before combining the results to give the shape and position of everything above deck.

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