VSPARS hardware pack for Rig and Sail analysis

High resolution VSPARS cameras are positioned on the deck inside custom-built cases. The unbreakable, optical quality domes provide a fully watertight seal around the cameras, which can be adjusted to give the best angle to the sail. Wide-angle lenses are used for the mainsail cameras and full fisheye lenses are used for the headsail cameras, to give the largest possible working area whilst still maintaining an accurate result.

VSPARS Camera and dome

VSPARS sail vision and rig vision also interfaces with boat data (eg. Expedition, Deckman, and custom NMEA strings) so that all sail shapes can be saved to a database linked to boat speed, TWS, heel angle and other user-defined variables.

The VSPARS camera casings protect the high speed light weight cameras from the elements whilst allowing full adjustability and an undistorted image of the sails and rig. All cameras are connected via standard USB cables.

VSPARS on an IPad

The VSPARS sail vision and rig vision hardware pack can be used with any standard laptop and any standard remote display - it is also optimised for touch screen use. For example on an IPad or PDA.




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