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Yamaha 18ft Skiff - Photo by LiveSailDie.com

VSPARS Update April 2013

2013 has been a busy year so far for VSPARS.

Two of the top 18ft Skiffs in Auckland are using the Olympic system, as well as a number of national teams aiming for Brazil 2016. Two of the top America's Cup teams and a number of the top mini-maxi class are using the Real-Time system. The Quantum Racing team are again campaigning hard in TP52 Class, and there have also been a number of software and hardware developments made.

VSPARS RigTune is in use for detailed accurate rig tuning on superyachts. Contact us for more information.

Some results for the teams so far include:
1st and 3rd 18ft Skiff ANZAC Regatta
3rd JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Champs (Un-official skiff worlds)
1st GAASTRA Palmavela (Mini-maxi class)

Yamaha 18ft Skiff - Photo by LiveSailDie.com
  We have been making use of 3D printing technology to best place the VSPARS cameras around the yacht.

We now have the option of the Real-Time cameras being mounted into the side of the cockpit walls in our new custom mounts, providing a light-weight and unobtrusive camera solution. Our new USB cameras provide a crystal clear image for minimal power consumption.

We also have a number of custom mounts available for the GoPro and Pentax cameras used for the Olympic system. These are ideal for the 49er class of which there are a number of Olympic teams using the VSPARS system.

Real-Time cockpit wall mount
  As well as hardware developments, the team has also been updating and improving the software, with a number of improvements now seen in the latest release available on the user area of our website (Click here)

Quantum Racing TP52


At VSPARS we are continually improving our software and hardware packages to ensure that our teams stay at the top. For more information or a quote for your project please contact a VSPARS consultant.

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Emirates Team New Zealand - Photo by Chris Cameron


Bella Mente and Stig - Photo by Jesus Renedo

Vspars Rig Tune in action

49er Olympic Mount

Yamaha 18' Skiff - Photo by LiveSailDie.com

Quantum Racing with Vspars in Action


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