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VSPARS Congratulates Quantum Racing

The elusive double of winning both the TP52 Audi MedCup and the TP52 World Championships back to back has been achieved by Quantum Racing using VSPARS RealTime throughout.

The team won the 2011 Audi MedCup by 15 points after 45 races, and the TP52 World Championships by 4 points after 7 races. VSPARS Real Time was used during racing with sail shape and trim read outs on PDA's and deck displays, and after racing to generate 3D models, averaged over chosen periods using the VSPARS filterable database, for use in the Quantum sail design software. See an article on Quantum Racing

Example output

Example output

Example output As well as sail shapes, VSPARS calculates the rig bend/sag and headstay sag and therefore can be used to analyse the rig. Like sail shapes, these results can be used in real time, output for use in other programs, averaged during post processing and also used as comparisons which are overlaid on the VSPARS plots giving real time trim and setup targets.

Included here are some screenshots of VSPARS, and a PDA example, showing some of the information that was available to the Quantum Racing crew, continuously updated with the actual sail and rig positions whilst sailing.

The only hardware required is the VSPARS cameras (with an all up weight less than 2kgs) and a PC (either a mini lower power PC like the fit-pc or the boats normal navigation computer). Results can then be seen in Real time either on the nav pc or on a tablet screen on deck or distributed to the deck displays via the instrument software.

  Quantum wanted to do a study of the whole mainsail in the build up to the TP52 Worlds. To do this, they just needed to add more stripes!

This meant that VSPARS could then capture the head and foot shapes, giving the Quantum designers the complete picture: draft, depth and twist over the whole sail, along with 3D coordinates of the surface.

This also means that a more complete picture of the mast bend and sag is calculated in real time and for post race analysis.

Quantum Racing with VSPARS has lifted the game in this already highly technical and competitive class.
Quantum racing

Quantum racing

We had it. They didn't. I wonder if any of them will next year... Kevin Hall – Navigator Quantum Racing. See his full article here.

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                        08 10 2011, Audi TP52 World Campionship © Nico Martinez/WSM

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