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As well as finding the shape and position of sail draughts stripes using the perspective correction algorythms, the VSPARS images, which are accurately corrected for lens distortion, can be used for general metrics and measurement.

This application has found its home as the Rig section of VSPARS initially developed during a BMW Oracle America's cup cycle, but can equally be used to measure bend, sag and twist of wings.

Using small coloured targets on each wing section, full 3D plots of section location above deck can be generated using the VSPARS auto recognition function. Percentage error is very low especially as each target is found using it's pixelated centroid removing any human variation and generating results to sub-pixel accuracy.

Couple this with the use of high resolution VSPARS cameras, highly accurate results are auto found every few seconds and immediately plotted using VSPARS interactive 3D plotter.

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