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VSPARS North 3Di
North Sails carried out sail trials in March to put some new 3di sails through their paces. Specifically, North’s sail designers and engineers wanted to look at the shape-holding ability of the sails over time, so the logical choice for this was VSPARS. VSPARS Main
VSPARS Jib They needed the ability to install a full system on the boat within 3 hours and then to carry out accurate sail shape detection on all sails – VSPARS delivered this. The designers were then able to compare the sail shapes over a number of days of sailing, and also look at the effects of trim changes on sail shape in detail.
Mickey Ickert, respected worldwide as one of the most innovative America's Cup sail designers, summed up the results...... “this was a good check of not only the static shape but the dynamic behaviour which was important with a new structure.”

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