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After rigorous testing at the world renowned Yacht Research Units Twisted Flow wind tunnel VSPARS presents validation findings at the High Performance Yacht Design Conference.
VSPARS Director, Owen Modral, presented an overview of the VSPARS system and described the in-depth validation studies that had been carried out in order to quantify the accuracy of the VSPARS algorithms. The validation was highly succesful with VSPARS performing as expected predicting sail and rig shapes and postions to a high degree of accuracy.The presentation also included how VSPARS could be applied to different yacht racing campaigns and for different aspects of sail design and development, trim techniques, sail degradation monitoring, rig tuning and developement during both upwind and offwind sailing on mains, jibs and gennakers.

VSPARS enjoyed the chance to present at the technical conference. For more information on the HPYD conference click here.

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